Okay, I read the book (Spoiler Alert, kinda)

Even though I said I wasn’t going to read the latest Harry Potter book until I’d finished my short story (I’m about half way through writing it,) I did in fact read and finish the Deathly Hallows. I had to. It was self defense. People kept trying to tell me about it even though I expressly told everyone not to.

Example 1: My 11 year old son came home from school on Monday and asked if I’d finished the book yet. I said, “No.”

He said, “Well a kid in my class told me some stuff that happened, but I didn’t believe him and I wanted to know if–”

“Stop!” I told him. “Remember, you’re not supposed to tell me about the book.”

“Well the girls in my class said he was lying. They said–“

“Stop!” I said and had to once again explain my no spoiler in the house policy.

Example 2: I let my 13 year old son read it while I was working on my short story, dinner, etc, but the next day when I went into his bedroom to shake him awake, he rolled over and–still asleep–mumbled, “No, that’s not the wand you use for defense.”


Example 3: I started reading the book while I waited at doctor’s appointments, swimming lessons, etc. I had the book on my bed and last night my 13 year old came into to talk to me and started flipping through the pages near the end. “No way!” he exclaimed. “Does Hermione die?”

“Stop it! Stop it!” I yelled at him.

You’d think he’d know better than to say those sorts of things since I got mad at him for flipping to the last page of number six and yelling, “I was right! Dumbledore dies!”

Dumbledore wasn’t the only one who nearly died after that. I was only half way through the book.

So you see, I had to read it before anyone else could say anything more about the story. Right after I finished I went downstairs, found my 13 year old and said, “You’re right. Hermione dies.”

It serves him right.

I’ll review the book next blog. All in all I loved it, but there were parts that bothered me, like how come she never explained who the baby was? Did I miss that somehow?


Okay, I read the book (Spoiler Alert, kinda) — 8 Comments

  1. I thought the baby was a representation of death and saying that there was something odd and not normal. It’s like the beginning of death.

  2. I thought that the baby was that part of Voldemort’s soul that went into the last Horcrux and was then separated from said Horcrux during death. (Trying not to give too many spoilers here, just in case.) In any case, the baby thing reminded me a lot of Voldemort before Pettigrew dumped him in the cauldron in The Goblet of Fire.

    Melanie Goldmund

  3. I figured it was Voldemort, too. Harry says in their last encounter that he’s seen what V will become, so I think that refers to sniveling baby creature.

    Isn’t it nice to be on the other end where you can threaten to spoil it?

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