One of my funniest romcoms is now available on ebook—Yes!

What the Doctor Ordered: A Sweet Small Town Romantic Comedy by [Janette Rallison, CJ Hill]

I’ve always said that choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child. (Although on some days, I can tell you who my favorite child isn’t.) But What the Doctor Ordered is one of my favorites.

An eccentric elderly aunt just provides a lot of comedy.

Also, fun fact, I originally based the heroine on myself and the hero on my husband. I thought it would be a romantic gesture.

Sadly, I had to fire my husband from my romance after about four days. My husband is a peacemaker and just wouldn’t argue with the heroine. This is actually a good quality in real life. Not so much in fiction.

I’m not saying that I’ve done everything the heroine does in this book, but I did work at the front desk of a resort once and did try to check someone in to a grounds shed.

Hey, I got a lot of material from my own life.

Anyway, I got the rights back to the story and updated it and now you can read about romance with a hot doctor. (So much better than doctors in real life.)

Here’s the link to buy on Amazon or read for free in KU

Matchmaking gone awry

They’ve never been out on a date. They can barely speak a civil word to each other when they find themselves in the same room. But Aunt Bertie, who is not crazy, just—eccentric—knows that John and Ellie belong together, and she’s doing all she can to further their cause.

This wouldn’t be so bad if Ellie could just avoid John. But no. Of course not. She works with his sister.

Ellie needs a doctor to assure her parents that Aunt Bertie can live on her own and doesn’t need to be sent to a nursing home.

Should be easy, but John—Dr. Flynn—is making it anything but.

He’s arrogant, handsome, and oh-so-infuriating.

He also might just be perfect for Ellie.

This sweet, small-town romantic comedy has plenty of heart and lots of laughs. Snatch it up today!

Here’s the link to buy on Amazon or read for free in KU

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