Revisions are coming

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My editor told me that he is finishing up his revision notes for The Last Wish and will send them off to me today. He said they won’t be extensive, but hmmmm, if that were the case, would it really have taken him four months to get them to me? I mean, I wrote the novel in less time.

I guess we’ll see. Lucky for the Fed Ex guy, he’s not required to stick around while I open the package. (And you always wondered why they rang your doorbell and then fled the scene. They’re used to delivering revision notes to authors.)

Here’s another thought (one that’s much more cheerful); The good folks over at Reader’s Digest Magazine who are always offering handy dieting tips say this: Nuts have healthy fat. Always keep a few in your pocket to stave off hunger.

So true. I like to keep my nuts wrapped in chocolate. It works every time.


Revisions are coming — 8 Comments

  1. Hey, Janette! Now I know why my Fed Ex guy goes the ding-dong-ditch!

    And good news about the nuts. I like mine (preferably peanuts) whipped into butter, with some Fluff and two slices of bread. Good in-between meal snack. 🙂

  2. HA HA–I always wondered why they ran. So do they not run for non-writers? Do we smell funny and they can tell the difference? Perhaps we smell like the kind of people that binge on nut infused chocolate when we’re preparing to receive revision notes?

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