Slayers 3 update

I get asked at least once a week, sometimes in person, and frequently by my mother, when the next Slayers book will be out. So I thought I’d make an official update.

The good news is that I’m on about page 300. I haven’t gotten anything written the last two weeks because I was doing edits for The Girl Who Heard Demons. (One of the beta readers requested the book end with a kiss, and she may have a valid point, so I may rewrite the ending scene tomorrow and then I’ll send it off to the copyeditor.)

Speaking of copyediting, I just got the copyedits for The Wrong Side of Magic and my publisher wants them by Friday, so that’s what I’ll be doing this week.

But then I’m going to go back to Slayers 3 and finish it. I have to, because I have to have How I Met Your Brother written and to an editor by June of 2016.

I’ve realized that Slayers 3 is going to be a very long book, because I’m not even to the climax scene yet .

And I still don’t know who Tori will end up with, so yeah, I’ve got to figure that out too. And maybe I’ve added another character that I shouldn’t have–because really, did the series need any more characters? No, no it didn’t, but (spoiler alert) maybe there’s another dragon lord around.

And I’ve got to do something with Senator Ethington, because I’ve mentioned him in the first two books. And you know, you can’t have a gun in act one unless it goes off by act three. The same could be said of corrupt Senators, right?

Sooo, that the update.

Oh, and did I mention that my son is getting married the beginning of Oct? Someone please send me some of their extra time . . .


Slayers 3 update — 8 Comments

  1. First of all, I ADORE every single one of your books – from romantic comedy, to mystical thriller, I have read them all like some sort of book addict. I must say that the Slayers series is my favorite. I love the world you have created – the team camaraderie, the romance. It’s just fantastic. I re-read the books last week, and as a reader, I would honestly be good with Tori ending up with either Jesse OR Dirk. You have made Jesse so likable, and Dirk still redeemable, that no matter what you choose, it will be a win. It did seem though, in re-reading, that up until this point Tori has chosen Jesse again and again. From the way he makes her feel, to her outright declarations of wanting Jesse (in the 2nd book), I can see how that would be the natural choice for her. But! No matter what, I cannot wait, and I am SO excited for the next book!!

    Good work, thank you for all your writing 🙂

  2. i seriously ask you to make the book as long as possibly especially if it is going to be the last (better not please). But i really want to thank you for all the effort and the special work you put in the books. Hopefully you’ll be finished before Christmas.

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