Stranger than fiction

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In another strange twist of fate it turns out that my daughter’s guy friend Paul, that she’s been seeing all week (and I do mean every single day—I swear I don’t see my husband that much) is the cousin of my daughter’s first boyfriend, Tyler.

They went to a family dinner and yep, there was Tyler and Tyler’s parents who instantly recognized my daughter. Paul’s parents were also there and oddly enough my daughter is pretty sure she met them when she went to a family dinner back in high school with Tyler.

I could use that in a book, but who would believe it? The guy my daughter meets and starts dating in a college of like 26,000 people turns out to be her first boyfriend’s cousin.

I asked her if it was awkward but she said Tyler was totally cool so I guess it’s okay. I told her she should ask Paul who else is in his family because, hey, she might want to date all of the guys before she decides on a particular model. She laughed and told me she already did.

I am probably a bad influence on her sometimes.


Stranger than fiction — 15 Comments

  1. What could possibly be more fun about dating than those awkward moments?

    In the spirit of Small Worldness, I was once dating a guy and it turned out I worked with his ex-wife’s step-mother. It was weird. I don’t date him any more, but think quite highly of the ex-step-mom.

  2. Hi, I found my way to your blog, and as a wanna-be writer myself, I was wondering how you broke into the field. How did you get your first book published?

  3. well, the weirdest date I had well…
    My old boyfriend I’d broken up with three days before showed up and said I was cheating on me, my date told me I was low, then they walked off together leaving me there, Niether would talk to me for days.
    Later I got together with the ‘cheated one’ and I am still friends with the other.
    I really didn’t cheat on him, he was just way insecure, and wanted to get back at me…bad!

  4. Well, if you live in a small town your related to everybody. That is suprising, but all I have to do is listen to the story of how my parents met and you hear all about how my dad dated my moms room mate and she dated his cousin and how my dad saw this really cute girl who ended up being his second cousin.

  5. I had a boyfriend in college that I broke up with (he was away at grad school) and he told me, “Too bad. I bought my ticket to come for Christmas and I’m coming anyway.” Then he did! And not only would he not leave until my other friend literally booked him a seat on a bus to go visit other friends and drove him to the bus station, but he didn’t speak to me at all the whole week he was there and would only talk to my parents who didn’t want him there either!

  6. my experience with my ex fiance and my husband (who was at the time my missionary) is something straight out of Saturday’s Warriors. I could never write about it, because NO ONE would believe it. But that is dang funny about her already asking if there were any other guys in the family 🙂

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