Taxes–even Robin Hood isn’t spared

Paying taxes as a writer is a hassle (all those expenses and mileage to keep track of)and also really painful. Taxes don’t get taken out of royalty statements, advances, or school visit payments, so there’s always a big chunk to pay at the end of the year.

Never fun. When you have to pay the check, it becomes real money not just numbers on a paycheck.

Luckily my husband, Techno Bob, patiently pours over the tax code–which by the way is so thick it could be used as a step stool. Also it’s written in legalize a language about as coherent as computer code.

But at least the good folks at the IRS have a sense of humor. I mean they had to be joking when they defined income to report.

They wrote–and this is a direct quote: “If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless in the same year, you return it to its rightful owner.”

Do you suppose a lot of criminals are going, “Oh, Dang I guess I have to report those stolen cars after all . . .”

Sorry Robin Hood, but you owe a lot of taxes.


Taxes–even Robin Hood isn’t spared — 20 Comments

  1. Too funny!

    Good point, Laura, about the dumb crooks…do you think any of them call the IRS and ask, “What line do I list my stolen property? I don’t see it on the form.” :0

  2. OMG!!! I JUST Read “Just One Wish” I really like it!! the ending made me so sad, but i feel horrible..i never cry when i read books. 🙁

  3. You can just imagine how it was for me to write it and then have to go through it all of those times editing. I cried every single time.

    Note to people who haven’t read Just One Wish–it’s a romantic comedy, really.

  4. I loved your book, My fair Godmother. It was so fun and delightful to read. In fact I think it would make a really cute movie, any plans to do that? Thanks for writing books that my family can all read. Tamee (I hope you don’t mind me commenting)

  5. Do you think the thieves who stole my I Pod touch are paying taxes on that theft? It might make me feel better if I thought they were . . . The moral of that story is never ever ever pack stuff in your luggage and think that the airport security guys who check your luggage to prove you aren’t a terrorist are honest because they aren’t.

  6. You are by far my favorite writer! However, I can not find any of your books any of your books. I’ve gone on every website of book stores that are near my house and they don’t have one of them! Even my public library doesn’t have them. If you have any extra copies for me, I was wondering if I could have one and if not I totally understand.

  7. Hi Devon,
    I’m glad you like my books. Generally if you tell your librarian that you want to read my books, she’ll order them for the library. Also, always has them in stock so you can get them there too.

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