The Marketing Department Strikes Again

Not long ago the bow-tied one sent me some sample covers for When You Wish Upon a TV Star to see which one I liked best. Here they are:

I emailed him back that I really loved the one of the girl blowing on the dandelion. Isn’t that a great cover? Wouldn’t you pick that book up?

Honestly, sometimes I think they ask me what I like just to insure they don’t pick that one. It’s sort of like clothes shopping with my teenage children. They ask me which outfit I like best in order not to buy it–because hey, if their mom likes it, it obviously isn’t cool.

Here’s where they’re headed now. And I don’t mind them either . . . it’s just not the one I loved.



The Marketing Department Strikes Again — 14 Comments

  1. I liked the covers with the dart and the dandelion. They’re all beautiful, but I don’t really like the one with the girls’ standing there, mainly because I’m more of an interesting design and graphic element than incorporating photos. But its still really good, and I would still pick it up.

  2. The dandelion one was my favorite as well because it looks like a bright star. I don’t understand why they’d go with a genie lamp when the title is about a “star”–seems like they’re mixing metaphors. Also, the ones with the girls are visually boring.

  3. Honestly, I’d pick it up just because it has your name on it. 🙂 Your books always make a bad day a good one. But I agree, I don’t really like the covers of the ones with the girl either.

  4. Yes, the one with the dandelion is the best. But of the new choices, I’m with Heather. The orange one with the genie lamp. But, gosh, they just don’t convey the title like the dandelion. Now that you’ve caught onto their little game, next time you should tell them you like your very least favorite one. You know the game, tell them that in no way, shape or form you would ever consent to (insert your favorite cover here). That way, you’ll get what you want.

  5. I liked the dandelion one best too – at least the new ones with the lamp are improvements over the original – I like the ones without the girl standing there the best too. Wonder what marketing knows that we don’t?

  6. When is this book coming out? I’m sooo excited to read it! I would buy it if it had any of those covers. They are all great. What is this book going to be about?

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