Happy Grammar Day!

Okay, technically I’m late–National Grammar Day was actually March 4th. So my apologies for not getting all of those “Wishing you a blessed Grammar Day” cards out in the mail in time. I’m way behind on everything. This is what happens when you write a 400+ book and only allot yourself time to write your normal 225 page book. So many things fall by the wayside. I didn’t even put up the Grammar Day decorations this year.

But in honor of the day, I will actually pay attention to my grammar check when it shoots those little green lines under my sentences, instead of arguing that sentence fragments are a stylistic choice and thus completely valid.

After all, it should be a day of togetherness.


Happy Grammar Day! — 9 Comments

  1. Rats, I missed it this year! Last year I dressed up as a semi-colon – it was great. Until people told me to get out of there and they invited an em-dash instead. It was pretty embarassing.

  2. I HATE those little green lines(L.G.L.’s) that supposedly know everything. I don’t even know what the use of them is, except to continually put you down. i can just imagine what they say behind our backs.

    L.G.L. 1: Oh, that Rachel, she can’t go one day without using a sentance fragment.

    L.G.L. 2: I know, and all of those subjuct -verb agreements. I’m suprised she even passed English.

    They don’t even look good on the page.

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