The Red Carpet launch

In case you missed the big event of the year, I had a fab red carpet launch at Changing Hands. This is the dress I picked up at thrift store when I realized . . . Oh, red carpet means I have to dress up too.

These next pictures are of me and my entourage arriving. Curse the paparazzi! They make my life a living heck!

Okay, that’s actually just my fantasy world. Hey, authors are allowed to have fantasy worlds. We even populate them and get attached to our characters. (Tristan is real! I know he is!)

Here we are posing for our adoring crowds. And yes, that is the Book Babe Faith, along with the lovely Babe Brandi and Babe Bethany. (We are all Babes.)

We took lots of awesome pictures of people posing for the paparazzi–and I will say that some of my friends and their kids are quite the hams, but since I wasn’t sure if any of them actually wanted their pictures posted on my blog, I’m just posting a couple from a woman who frequently trots her children’s pictures out on this blog.

Yes, this is Gaston, and this is what he really would do if paparazzi ever bothered him. (Actually, he would probably grab cameras and clang them together like cymbals.)

And here is my biggest fan–or at least my most up-to-date fan– since she reads all of my stories as I write them on my computer. Yesterday she asked me, “If you weren’t an author, would you be one of those mothers that does housework?”

The world will never know.

And lastly, this was my favorite picture. Babe Brandi appears to be a mild mannered book store employee by day, but she obviously has an inner starlet that is dieing to get out.


The Red Carpet launch — 20 Comments

  1. I already read the book. Loved it. I loaned it to my 20 yr. old niece– she’s already read it too. And, of course, she loved it.
    BTW, my daughter is reading “My Fair Godmother.” She put you as her favorite author on her “about me” report for school. So you’ve got a fan even in the younger set– although she did feel compelled to warn me that there was kissing in the book. : )

  2. You clearly have an awesome daughter! You should have her read Playing the Field; and Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws. There isn’t any kissing in those books. (I know, I can’t believe I wrote books without kissing either.)

  3. “Tristan is real! I know he is!” LOL, I was talking about how mad Ron was making me in Harry Potter, and my husband’s cousin says “You know Harry Potter is just a book don’t you?”

  4. I am shocked that Playing the Field and the Pursuit of Free Throws didn’t have any kissing in them! Well, I loved them anyway 🙂 Glad you had fun at your Red Carpet event and your dress was gorgeous 😉

  5. Janette– she has already read Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws. We won it at your book party. That’s what landed you as her favorite author. : ) My Fair Godmother just confirmed it– she stole it off of my nightstand!

  6. Dazzling! The red carpet launch, the babes, the elegant dress, the author, the book. Wish I could have been there. Since I couldn’t attend, I’m grateful for the captioned photos. Great fun!


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