Then again, being a writer is less stressful than playing golf

Probably a lot of you have seen this picture of Tiger Woods accidentally hitting a golf ball right at a camera. It’s being hailed as artistic or ironic or just amazing–because what are the chances that you’re going to get a picture of Tiger Woods hitting a golfball at your camera?

But here’s the thing that got my attention. Do you see the crowd that’s behind him watching him play? EEEEEK! How many of us could spell our name accurately let alone hit a golf ball if a crowd that size was watching to see whether we messed up or not?

I realize that I have that many people reading my books and more. They’ll know whether I bomb my next book. Still, I am sooo glad they’re not watching me type or I’d be too stressed out to put my fingers on the keyboard.

So yeah, being a writer is great. We can spend time editing out our mistakes so the world doesn’t see them.


Then again, being a writer is less stressful than playing golf — 8 Comments

  1. You should also notice the loony who is standing near him in the crowd. He’s wearing a women’s red haired wig and has a cigar in his mouth. Big mustache, hands in his pockets? See him? He has become sort-of famous because of that photo and people are photoshopping him into all kinds of pictures now, sending them all over the web. He was even on Good Morning America the other day. He explained the weird getup (homage to some famous person) but still kind of odd if you ask me.

  2. Yeah, and a second before the photographer thought, “Oh crap the ball is going to hit my really expensive camera!” I hope he at least got paid well for the picture.

    As far as the weird guy . . .it’s odd what makes people famous these days.

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. I’m on my school golf team and it’s so nerve-racking when people stand close and are watching you. It makes it much harder. I’m happier alone on the computer and writing…where no one can see me 🙂

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