Top 10 Reasons to be a Writer

  1. Librarians think you’re cool.
  2. You have an excuse to be cluttered: you have no time for cleaning; you’re creating ART.
  3. You get a collection of stories you’ll always enjoy reading because you wrote them.
  4. If you publish, you don’t have to think about what you’ll get your friends and family for Christmas—they’re all getting your book!
  5. You can name your characters all the things your husband wouldn’t let you name your children.
  6. You can work in your pajamas.
  7. You get to network with other writers.
  8. Money and fame. Ha! Ha! But I just had to throw that one in.
  9. You can pattern your villains after the guys who dumped you in high school, and
  10. You don’t have bad days; you just have more writing material to draw from!

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