What I did on the MLK holiday


My 11 year old daughter loves to draw and this is her portrait of our family on Monday. Yeah, that pretty well sums it up. Somehow I’m always behind on whatever novel I’m working on, and so I end up locking myself in my bedroom and threatening the children with extra jobs if they keep bothering me.

As you can see, my five-year-old is slipping notes to me under the door while her older brother terrorizes everyone. Just another day in the Rallison household.


What I did on the MLK holiday — 18 Comments

  1. Great picture! It strongly resembles our household this past Monday as well. Things got better when I finally gave up on writing anything (after two hours and a total of two good lines)and went bowling with the family. Guess we should both know by now that school holidays are NOT the time to get a darn thing done.

  2. WHY do the kids have MKD off? And President’s day for that matter? Everyone else has to work (like us writers).

    I had an “important” call come in and I had to say “I’m working at home today”–I always work at home, but how else could I excuse the banging on my office door?

  3. This is hysterical, Janette! Love the notes coming under the door. I want to read them! 😉
    Hey, congrats on the Whitney award nomination! That is so cool. I was checking out the LDS Storymakers conference. It’s tempting to go and meet all the wonderful writers . . . like you.

  4. If the woman were blonde and there were less boy children on the other side of the door, that could be me. However, I lack discipline and got no writing done. I’m jealous. The picture is awesome.

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