What Title Should the Third Fairy Godmother Book Have?

As I’m waiting for my beta readers to finish and to comment on the story, I’ve also been pondering the title. The first two books are My Fair Godmother, and My Unfair Godmother–titles which only makes sense if you’ve seen the cover. Here is the second coverMy Unfair Godmother: So I can’t really think of any more titles that use the word “Fair”.







Oh, and here is the awesome picture that will be on the cover:fairy godmother 3 cover picture







Maureen Higham, one of my intrepid fans, suggested a few. Which is your favorite (or feel free to suggest your own clever title)

A World Resparkled

It’s a Wanderful Life (This one could have Wonderful crossed out.)

Wand Warfare

Cleaning Up All that Glitters

Magical Mayhem

The Magic of Love

Other suggestions?


What Title Should the Third Fairy Godmother Book Have? — 35 Comments

  1. Huh. I’ll admit – it’d be weird for me if it didn’t have My __ Godmother as the title. It doesn’t have to be a play on Fair, but I think it’d make sense to follow that pattern. What about:

    My Wanderful (Wonderful crossed out) Godmother?
    My Fairly __ Godmother (with some word added in with a little ^ like ^useless)
    Or even a combination of the two ideas: My Fairly Wanderful Godmother (with Wonderful crossed out)

      • I’m here to help πŸ™‚ Or, since someone mentioned wanderful not being a word (which doesn’t bother me), you could title it like “My Fair Godmother” with “^ly useless” added in (or some other word) if you wanted it to make more sense of it being a tagged on word.(Since My Fairly Godmother doesn’t make much sense without the words added in). I feel like I’m rambling and not making sense, so I’ll stop now.

  2. I completely agree with Tiana! It would definitely be weird if the title didn’t match. I really like “My Wanderful (Wonderful crossed out) Godmother!” Or something similar…

  3. I agree that it should be close to the other titles. I like “Fairly Useless.” Or you could do “Fair-Haired”, a play on her being blonde and ditsy. Or what about a rhyming substitute? My Contrary Godmother, My Scary Godmother! πŸ™‚

  4. “All’s Fair in Love and War” or “My Air-Head Godmother” or “My Fairly Clueless Godmother”. I agree that Godmother or Fair need to somehow be in the title to tie into the other two titles.

  5. My Fairest Godmother
    My Fair Ladyeeo
    My Fairer Godmother
    Who Is the Fairest Godmother of All
    My Fair and Square Godmother
    My Fairly Demented Godmother
    My Feather-headed Godmother
    My Scarborough Fair Godmother

    Haha! Hmm. I’ll keep thinking.

  6. I agree with everyone! It needs to match!

    Maybe you could combine both? My Fairly Unfair Godmother?

    Or you could cross out Godmother? My Fairy Troublemaker or something along those lines?

  7. I agree with them! What about My Not So Fairly Godmother? Oh her, I don’t know, but I think My…godmother with something in between would be amazing! And literally, I am so excited. So. EXCITED.

  8. What about My Funfair Godmother maybe with the Fun crossed out!! You said you wanted one with fair in the title and I thought a little fun might not go amiss x

  9. Hi! So I know this is completely irrelevant to this post and whatnot, but I just finished Son of War, Daughter of Chaos, and my mind is onjd fkldj fjdsaf ;l…haha, sorry…I mean, my mind is happy and desperate for another one. I read the interview in the back…how many copies have been sold so far? If we can ask… Okay, but really, it was so good. Is it going to go to print soon? Can I just buy 10,000 copies so that you’ll write a second one? (I’m joking. I’m a poor college student. I don’t have that much money.)
    Thank you for writing awesome things that make me cry and grin and giggle and scream all at the same time. I’ll be sure to recommend you and all that good stuff.

    • Ah, Brin, that’s so sweet of you! I wish you speedy financial success so you can buy 10,000 copies. (Or 10,000 friends who will listen to your book buying suggestions.)

      Yes, it will be going to print in a week or two. I’m just waiting for changes to the back cover design.

      As far as how many have sold so far, I’m not positive, but let’s just say not enough that I’ll be putting off writing the third Slayers book to get to start on the next book of Son of War, Daughter of Chaos.

      • I loved the first two Slayers so definitely don’t put off writing the third one! Although I loved Son of War Daughter of Chaos as well, so I can understand the need for a sequel soon. I like My Fairly Useless Godmother, but I haven’t read the book so I can’t give you my true opinion until I know what it’s about (so if you want ME to be a beta reader I’ll read it in a day I swear). I have literally finished ALL your books that I can possibly know you’ve published so I need something new quick πŸ™‚

  10. AHHHHHHH!!!!! You’re doing another godmother/fairytale/romantical book! They are officially my favorite (other than Ex-boyfriend). I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU.

  11. Actually…i was hoping for it to be like ” My fairly dangerous godmother” because well Evertar isn’t very good in fairy school basically…and she sent Tansy to the middle ages in the first book and it was dangerous to me. Also there was like dragons? I call that a irresponsible godmother so i think “My fairly dangerous godmother” sounds like an awesome title for the third book and i’m looking forward to reading that book! <3 πŸ™‚

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