100,000 words and counting

It’s been another interesting writing day.

As it turns out I should have paid better attention in history class, or chemistry class, or both. I’m to the point in my novel where I need to write about explosives that would have been available during the Middle Ages. One phone call to a professor at a combustible materials lab, and suddenly I’m researching black powder, and more specifically how people would go about making saltpeter. Which by the way is a sort of gross process involving things I’d never willingly touch, like dung heaps.

(I’d never heard of saltpeter until I watched the musical 1776, which I still love, but it has the effect that whenever I say the word ‘saltpeter’ I break out into song: “Well, we will not make saltpeter until you send us pins . . .” Just one of many good songs. But I digress.)

So anyway, I googled, “Making black powder” which gave me many sites to link to, and in all probability put me on an FBI possible terrorist list.

Ahh, the joy of writing.


100,000 words and counting — 13 Comments

  1. Orson Scott Card, Enchantment, check it out . . . he also might have a list of books that he used for research?? Hmm . . . although his time frame might be a little too old come to think of it . . .

  2. Janette, you need to come out here a week early for the LDStorymakers festival so you can see the play I’m in. It’s about a crazy family that makes fireworks and then the FBI arrests them because they think they’re going to blow up the White House.

    It could be a very educational experience. 😉 Plus it’s hilarious.

  3. It could be worse . . . you could have used a far more FBI attracting word like assassination. Of course, now that I just used it in the comment section, you are linked to words like assassination *and* explosives. I’d start packing if I were you 🙂

  4. I have read Enchantment, but that was a while ago. I don’t remember explosives used in it. Maybe time to reread. (Like I have time to read right now–Ha!)

    And Enna Isilee–I bet you’re in You Can’t Take It With You, aren’t you. I was Alice in high school.

  5. I love all your books! your an ammaazing author, and so funny. me and all my friends have ‘its a mall world’ practically memorized. I was just wondering if they where planning on making a movie out of any of your books? they would all make such funny movies.

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