Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


Here is a cute picture of my daughter and her boyfriend. He was just up visiting her and she was quite impressed with his culinary prowess. He made her a dinner of Salmon and Caesar salad. He even made the dressing and the croutons from scratch. Personally, I didn’t know you could make croutons from scratch. I thought they grew on a crouton bush or something.

So here is the thing. My daughter is coming home for a visit next month and I’m sure she will be hanging out with the boyfriend quite a bit. I should invite him to have dinner with us . . . Hmmm, should it be the usual Hamburger Helper or perhaps one of those chicken dishes that you slather with cream of mushroom soup and some cheese . . . Hey, if I’d spent the last eleven years cooking dinner I wouldn’t have thirteen books to my name. (And technically to my pen name.)

Perhaps we’ll just take him out to dinner instead . . .


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner — 18 Comments

  1. It’s called “culinary plagiarism”…

    Buy a bunch of ready-made stuff at Costco. Ditch all boxes and bags the day before in a dumpster across town. Pop the frozen blocks-o-food out of the foil/paperboard baking trays and ease them into fancy glass dishes. Bake and serve.

    He will never suspect anything. Unless he reads your blog comments.

  2. Hmm, I don’t know what to say, considering my (newly titled and first-ever) boyfriend is a better cook than I am. He eats steak and porkchops and stuff and I’m usually having leftover microwaved pasta or cup-a-noodle soup.

  3. My husband is on a business trip so we’re having cold cereal for dinner . . . works for me.

    And whoever gave daughters permission to even have boyfriends, let alone bring them home for dinner? Kids shouldn’t date until they’re 30 or so 🙂

  4. Shouldn’t he be trying to impress you guys? Have him make you dinner! He can then say that he has cooked for a famous author. Asenath has found herself quite a catch, but then again, he’s found himself quite a catch, too.

  5. Since my daughter is only 12 and hasn’t had a boyfriend yet (that I’m aware of anyway), I’ve decided that when the time comes and if I like the boyfriend, we’ll grill thick steaks, compare scars and scratch and burp alot. However, if I’m not too keen on the boy, I’ll delare the family long time vegetarians and feed him some sort of tofu/bean sprout/water chestnut stir fry.
    I sure hope I like the boy!

  6. I think I’m ahead of you on that FBI list, Janette. For my YA series, I basically jumped through hoops to “try” and get the opportunity to interview with a female FBI agent (I didn’t need a note from my Mama, but close to it). The farthest I got was a quick phone call, followed by an email in which none of my questions were really answered.

  7. I had that same thing happen when I tried to talk to the law in Texas trying to find out what sort of consequences one of my characters would have for breaking into a biology room. They kept passing me off to other people, then told me to email a list of my questions then ignored me.

  8. Well, you could invite him to come over early and let HIM make dinner for your family, as a test of his worthiness for your daughter…

    Or you could order pizza.

    Your blog is fantastic! So much fun.

  9. I’m with Shanna, make him cook! When I realized the only thing I could make was reservations, I knew I had to marry a man who knew his way around a kitchen. So it is no surpirse when a couple of Christmases (is that a word?) ago, I opened my present and found a miter saw. He opened his and found saute pans. We both laughed, and hugged, and were glad we understood eachother.

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