A baby, a wedding, a broken laptop, and a project

Why isn’t Slayers 5 out yet, you ask?

My oldest daughter had new baby and I had to help her, my middle daughter got married and I had two wedding receptions to do, I dropped my laptop one too  many times and it stopped working, and… yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t start any new house projects until the book was done–and I haven’t. My house is unpainted and the heavy, solid-wood desk is still awkwardly standing against my bedroom wall.

But a child is writing a book, so I’ve been helping said child with brainstorming, sifting through old journals looking for stories, deciphering the contract, etc. etc.

Don’t give me that look. A parent has to help their children.

I’m back working on Slayers now.

And the good news is that I think I’m to the point where I can start putting up a chapter a week on my website. I’ll do that by the end of the week.


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