A better class of losers

It’s that special time of year when I’m home from the Whitneys and get to regale you all with descriptions of the gala event. For those of you who don’t know what the Whitneys are, they’re awards given out to books written by LDS authors. I have had seven books nominated for Whitney awards.  I’m zero for seven as far as actually winning a Whitney.

I can’t really claim to be a gracious loser, because I started my own tradition at the Whitneys—the loser cheesecake photos. (Affectionately called Loser Pie, by Julie Wright.)

Here we can see the beginning of the tradition as I lost the Whitney for My Fair Godmother.Chocolate = happiness. (Or close enough to it for practical purposes.)Janette at whitneys

Here James Dashner, Jessica Day George, and Julie Wright joined me in the first Loser Pie photo.Janette at whitneys with julie, james, and jessica

Here are some other years that come to mind.Janette at whitneys 2Janette at whitneys 3

Here are the 2014 pictures. I have to say that a few people in the back row didn’t look sad . Clearly they are all plotting to let the air out of certain tires in the parking lot.janette at whitneys 2014 2


We in the front row are pros. Sarah Eden and I belong to the 100% club. It’s a club started for people who have lost 100% of their nominations. I believe we’re the only two members left from the first Whitney awards. Not that we’re keeping track or anything.janette at whitneys 2014

Here Julie Wright and I photo bomb Jeff Savage and Traci  Abramson. Again, Julie and I never claimed to be gracious losers.janette at whitneys 2014 3

And here I am with a group of classy ladies proving that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Yes we can can!janette at whitneys 2014 4

Fun times and awesome people!



A better class of losers — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, look how your little tradition has grown! I’m sorry you’re 0 for 7. That’s just not right. I hope when you win one you have something epic planned for a pie photo. Like shoving it in the face of the person announcing the awards, lol. (Ok, yeah maybe you shouldn’t do that… I’m not a sore loser or anything.)

  2. That’s just not right! Two of my most favorite authors losing all the years! You and Sarah m. Eden are the best! But hey for the record I love your books, besides who career dumb awards when you can have pie! Jk!

  3. these pictures represent some great times. There is no one I would rather lose with. However . . . I fully plan on seeing you win and win huge one of these days. You are always a winner to me 🙂

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