And the windows need to be cleaned too . . .

Have you ever wondered what authors did in-between books? Right now I’m waiting for revisions on Revenge of the Cheerleaders. I walked into Home Depot and suddenly became Martha Stewart. “I can do that project, and that one, oh, and that one too . . .”

Eight hours into faux painting an accent wall in my family room, I’m having second thoughts. Sure, it looks great, but my designer friend, Angela, says I should do it in the kitchen too. Did I mention it took me eight hours to faux paint one wall?

Besides, I’m not sure a paint job, even a faux one, can save my kitchen. My maple cabinets (which I paid extra when I moved into the house, mind you) have turned an orange color. I’m not sure why. I’d like to do a tile back splash to dress up the place but the Home Depot expert says I shouldn’t do this until I’ve done my countertops. (In my overly optimistic fantasy world I am one day going to replace them with granite, or marble, or perhaps a slab of gold. Which ever is cheapest.) But I can’t sink a large amount of money into my countertops until I’m positive that I don’t want to change my cabinets, which lets face it, I do. I mean they’re orange. Why wouldn’t I want to replace them?

So instead of a tile back splash, a slab of gold, or new cabinets I’m going to faux paint the place and hope this somehow turns the room from drab to charming.

It makes me want to get started on revisions again.


And the windows need to be cleaned too . . . — 6 Comments

  1. Very funny, Janette. I think writers think they always have to be doing “something.” It’s too hard to relax. So congrats on painting. I’m in between books right now, too, so thanks for the great ideas. LOL.

  2. nice idea on painting. Of course, I’d have to finish the book I’m on in order to get to the in between book part. When does How to Take the Ex out of Ex-boyfriend come out? I am developing a nervous tic waiting . . .

  3. Bad news, Julie, my publisher pushed the date from May to June so I’m actually lying on my website. So hopefully by the end of June–but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t go harass your local bookstore in an effort to create buzz for me . . .

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