Forget reading faces

You can tell a lot by reading faces, but why bother? In my case, you can learn everything about what’s going on in my life simply by taking a glance at my fingernails. Are they long with colored polish? Things are going great. Are they short with clear polish? Something is stressing me out. Are they ragged and look like they’ve been through a cheese grater? The stress is mounting. Are they in my mouth? I’m behind on a book schedule.

Right now I’m so far behind in writing, that if I bite my nails any more I won’t have any fingers left.

My editor said she wanted the book in November. I should have it to her by November 45th or so . . .


Forget reading faces — 4 Comments

  1. ah, I think I was planning to write some school papers on Novemeber 45th…

    honestly, do you know anyone who has enough time to do what they need to?

  2. Okay, actually I didn’t mean to delete the first comment. I meant to delete a bunch of spam comments I got about mortgage rates and cheap drugs. So-ooops–sorry about that!

    One of these days I’ll figure out technology . . .ha, ha. Actually, I’ll probably never figure out technology, but I might figure out how to blog.

  3. Okay. For the most part you were right. In my (strong,out of contral non-sustainable) opinion. I love reading faces. AND it works. But you are right about time, I had to quit track for that reason. I can’t do everything I need to in the “few” hours of the day.
    (P.S. I wrote you. Jess Wil.
    remember?If not that’s okay.?)(I don’t like posting my name on websites!?!)

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