Book Update–the marketing department strikes again

Does it seem like my latest book is taking forever to come out, or is that just the effect of me wading through 1,200 revision comments? And by the way, that number is not an exaggeration. I showed fellow writer, Kristy, my first two drafts (435 comments and 407 comments) and she said, “Wow, I thought you made up those numbers on your blog for the comedic effect.”

I wish.

Anyway, now the title has gone through the revision process. Marketing wasn’t thrilled by Faking It. They changed it to My Secret Life as a Pop Star. I wasn’t thrilled by that title. I felt that calling the book that name would make everyone remember the title as: Yes I’m Trying to Cash in on the Hannah Montana Phenomena.

The Bowed-Tied One and I had several conversations about this in which he told me that I was wrong. Very wrong.

Luckily, the title has changed once again. I’ll pretend it was because of my input and not because someone in marketing decided a shorter title would fit on the cover better.

It is now . . . drum roll please . . . My Double Life

I like it.

The Bow Tied One also sent me some cover mock ups that are being test run with the sales people. I’ll put them up as soon as Technology Bob converts them into files that my computer will recognize.


Book Update–the marketing department strikes again — 21 Comments

  1. I can see the mock ups now. “My Double Life” in big bold letters across the top of the cover and a picture of some guy in a dark alley, wearing a trenchcoat and with a fedora pulled down over his eyes.
    That’ll teach you for coming up with a great title on your own!
    Marketing strikes again!

  2. Definitly liked the Faking It title the best. The second title that they came up with just SCreAmed cliche, so YAY that they didn’t go with that one. I’m gonna get the book no matter what the title is though 🙂

  3. I liked the original title the best. I’m glad they didn’t go with the first change. I like the shorter title a lot better.


    It does seem like forever. I love your books and can’t wait to get my hands on this one. O:)

  4. Wow, lots of drama and stress over a title! Who knew it could be so hard? Darn Marketing department. 😉 The covers look good though!

  5. Summer 2010. Don’t ask me why it will take a complete year from the time I’ve sent them the 3rd draft (The bow-tied one said it’s all just little changes from here on out) until it comes out in stores. Apparently they have to wait for more trees to grow.

  6. You outed me! Just so you know I never said a word to a soul that I’d seen those 400+comments, not even to my daughter who has officially become your number one fan.

    She asked me today, “Mom, do you think it’s okay to read Just One Wish again even if I read it last week?” Her friends want to read all your books now. But I’m mean and told them to buy their own copies because I’m not lending my signed copies. 🙂

    You’ve got a gift for hooking the readers. Those edits must be working. It must feel amazing to be working on small stuff now.

  7. yea i can’t wait for your new book! i like the second cover then best and am glad they changed the title again i totally dislike hannah montana.

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