Even my mother is asking

My mom is the sort of loving, supportive mother everyone wants. She constantly tells me I’m her favorite author. When I recently told her that the demon book wasn’t done yet because I had to make changes the beta readers suggested, she indignantly told me that my book was perfect and if those beta readers didn’t like it, they could write their own book. I fruitlessly tried to explain that authors appreciate beta readers because books need changes to improve them, but she would have none of it.

True story, last week I took my parents to a four hour medical seminar, and as I sat down in my chair, my mother handed me a jumbo bag of fruit snacks she’d brought along so I wouldn’t get hungry. How sweet is that?

On Saturday and Sunday while I was telling her about the writers conference, I mentioned how guilty I felt when people kept asking me when the third Slayers would be out. I was sure she would jump to my defense, or at least sympathize for my plight. Instead she looked me in the eye and said, “Those people are right. When is the third Slayers book coming out anyway?”

You know it’s bad when even your mother is prodding you to get the book done.

So now I’m holed up in a hotel living off of popcorn and crackers while I write. Yesterday I got about 15 pages done. I’m hoping by Friday I’ll have added 60 pages to the 50 I had at the beginning of the week.

That’s the update.


Even my mother is asking — 5 Comments

  1. Everyone’s a critic 🙂 Also, just so you know, there’s a glitch with your site. I can comment from mobile, but not from a desktop computer. if I’m on my computer, it tells me the page isn’t found, even though it’s on your main page.

  2. Yay!!! I cannot wait for your next Slayers book! You don’t know me, but I’m a huge fan! And I loved your class on POV at Storymakers, by the way! Thanks for sharing your incredible gift of writing and stories with the rest of us!

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