More New, New Dawn Give Away

I know a lot of you Twilight fans wanted to win a copy of this book–well, you’re in luck! Ben Bella books is giving me two more copies to give away. (Because they’re cool like that.)

So would you like to read essays on the Twilight craze and everybody’s favorite vampire hotty, Edward Cullen? Hear what authors like Ellen Hopkins, and me, and James Owen, and me, and Robin Brande, and me, and Megan McCafferty have to say on vampires and werewolves. My essay is the best. Not that I’m biased or anything.

If you want a chance to win, leave a comment. If you also happen to be a blog follower, I’ll give you a double chance at winning. (That, by the way, is blatant attempt on my part to get blog followers in case my editors check that sort of thing. I mean, you never know.)

Good luck, and may the random number generator be with you!


More New, New Dawn Give Away — 28 Comments

  1. Well I didn’t know I wasn’t a follower on your blog. But I definitely have been following, you are on my google reader and everything.
    I never win but I am going to throw the hat in one more time.

  2. I’m a leader, not a follower. And you know, all the rest of the self-assuring cliches. A leader who has her picture under the follower list.

    I’ve never read any of Stephenie Meyers books. I know, I think I live in an alternate universe too.
    And in my universe, free stuff rules.

    And also, so does Janette.

  3. Oh please pick me random number finder. Please. I’ve never won anything I didn’t have to work really hard for.

    But this is America 2009 aren’t we supposed to get tons of free stuff. ;)Maybe my chances are looking up. Plus I’m a follower. Yay!

    I’ll link your contest to my blog. You might think this lowers my chances but I’m hoping good Karma will come my way.

  4. I’ve been absolutely DYING to read A New Dawn! Seriously – I can’t find it anywhere! I especially want to read this one essay – I hear it’s the best – by one of my favorite authors, Janette Rallison!

  5. I’d like a copy! I hope you’re going for the random number style of choosing the winner, because I don’t have any cool reason why I should win. But I like your blog!

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