National Author Day

It’s that festive time of year when everyone rushes to take down their Halloween stuff and put up their National Author Day decorations. Yes, pull out your Mark Twain centerpieces, your Jane Austen wreathes, and those life-size twinkly Bronte Sisters for the yard. Then let’s all sing a few Thank-goodness-we’re-not-in-school-anymore-so-we-don’t-have-to-read-Hemingway-again carols.

And don’t forget to send me your Author Day gifts. Remember, you can’t go wrong with precious gems.

Special note to my husband: really, we’ve been married for 21 years so you ought to know by now that you can’t buy Almond Joys, Snickers, or peanut M&Ms for trick-or-treaters and expect that they will ever see Halloween Night if I’m in the house. This is why you must buy the type of candy I don’t like. I didn’t touch the Whoppers.

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There are obviously a lot of princesses at our house.

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My oldest son wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. This is what happens when the girls at school start calling you ‘Edward.’

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Aren’t they sooo cute?


National Author Day — 14 Comments

  1. Not a single card, gift, spa package or anything. Humph. Some holiday.I will chant with you however, though I’ll take Hemingway over the English ladies any day 🙂

  2. Yes dear. Thank goodness you haven’t found the dark chocolate. That’s my treat :-p
    Techno Bob
    PS: Happy Author’s day. Your books are way better than those Bronte chicks.

  3. I’m glad to see you have a blog that you keep up! I look forward to checking it often. 🙂

    Your family is beautiful- and I love your costume for halloween.

  4. Happy Author’s day!! I was out of town for the holidays and just got back. Unfortunately, the people tending my kids ate all the leftover halloween candy. I didn’t even get the customary troll toll I make my kids pay when they bring home their haul for the night. I so missed out!

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