IRA in Billings, Montana–how you know you’re not a big author yet.

Are you beginning to wonder why all my blogs are about traveling places? So am I. When my husband told a guy at work that he had to leave—once again—to take his wife to the airport, the co-worker asked, “Who set up your wife’s insane schedule?”

My husband answered, “A woman with no concept of time or distance.”

Yeah, that would be me.

It’s pretty much turned into a blur of airports. I nearly missed my connection from Salt Lake to Billings because I was going over my presentation for IRA so intently that I didn’t hear them make any boarding calls until they were yelling, “You-whoo, Janette Rallison—where are you?” This is the same sort of concentration that is to blame for making me miss picking up my children from school, and well, the time I nearly burned my kitchen down. (Long story. Different blog.)

The presentation went well, I guess, but it didn’t say who I was in the program so I don’t think anyone actually knew I was an author until they walked into the room. In fact, I was pretty much an invisible author for the whole time. When I asked the people working at the IRA desk if I was supposed to go to the authors’ dinner on Friday, they told me it was just for “the big authors”.

Have I ever mentioned that at times being a writer feels just like junior high all over again?

Anyway, I think the people in my class enjoyed my presentation. I gave them all a free book. I wanted someone at the conference to remember that I was an author.


IRA in Billings, Montana–how you know you’re not a big author yet. — 11 Comments

  1. Janette,
    Your time will come, then you’ll be at ALL of those conferences and teachers will be begging to listen to your speak. Then, you’re schedule will be even worse than it is now. Is that what you really want? Well, duh! YES!!!!!!!!!! Patience, my dear.

  2. If you came to my school, which I doubt will ever happen (They NEVER do anything that envolves money, unless it involves winning the state championship in football)I would know you were an author, and make sure everyone else knew it too. And I wouldn’t mind getting a free book in the process…

  3. They all knew who you were, they were just so insanely jealous of your fame and fortune they made a pact to pretend they didn’t. People go to great lengths to protect their precious egos

  4. Janette think of it this way,
    football players are idolized, authors are taken for granted,
    (plus there are so many football players/athletes, I doubt half of them could read.)
    Teachers also, are paid like nothing and athletes are paid millions.

    Soon people(boys) will see,girls like smart boys who make them laugh and share there interests…
    which means they will have to read your books!

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