Slayers 4 (and other projects) update (sorry I’ve been AWOL)

I haven’t looked at my blog in weeks. This has mostly been because I was in England for 17 days, then had my three out-of-state kids and two grandkids visiting for 3 1/2 weeks, and all last week I had my downstairs floor torn up and tiled. (As I write this, my downstairs toilet and sink are sitting on my back patio, making me look like the white trash house in the neighborhood.) Also, I’ve been helping my sons with their books. Yes, both of my sons–neither of which liked to read growing up–have written books. My daughters who love to read and have actually considered writing books–they haven’t written anything for you.

James’s book already has a publisher, (They contacted him with the idea of writing a book–which never happens to authors.) and will be out in April 2018. It will probably sell more than all of my books combined, but whatever. No one is more proud of his success as a youtuber than I am.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to hear that throughout the renovations, I’ve been busy working on Slayers 4.

It’s now about 500 pages long and I still have a few scenes to add. Plus I haven’t decided whether to leave one of the characters dead or unkill him. I’ve written the ending two different ways–one for Team Jesse and one for Team Dirk. Yes, I am trying to make everyone happy… and I have to say, it’s sort of weird. Like, my brain doesn’t know which ending is the truth. This is probably why more authors don’t use this technique.

My romantic comedy novella A Perfect Fit is done–yay–and will be out in September.

I also am waiting from my Disney editor to get back to me on several projects, and hoping I can finish the Slayers series before putting anything else on my plate.

And I’m avoiding talking to my agent about that WWII romance that I’ve been researching for the last year. It doesn’t need to be written right now…

So that’s the update. Someone create more time and send me some!


Slayers 4 (and other projects) update (sorry I’ve been AWOL) — 14 Comments

  1. If you figure out how to bottle and ship extra time to people, please share some with me!

    I’m just glad my kids go back to school starting this week (first grader this week, kindergartener next week, preschoolers the week after that). I’ll finally have time to write again without them constantly “mom? mom? mom? mom?”ing me!

    • I’m still waiting for the cabinet people to put on the bottom rail and then I’ll take a picture. The floor is done and looks beautiful–unfortunately it shows dirt way more than my last tile, so I’m bummed about that. I figured since it was wood-look, it would hide some dirt, but no. Every blade of dry grass that the dog brings in stands out.

    • Oh, and as far as legit… that’s the problem. They both do in places and don’t in places. Her getting together with Jesse at the end seems legit because he’s the one she’s wanted all along. But the kissing scene with Dirk also seems legit since they have great chemistry. In that version, when she tells Jesse that she’s going to be with Dirk, it feels wrong to me–probably because I’ve already read the version where they’re together.

  2. Wiill a perfect fit be avalible for pre order? If so when?
    Also one other question, when will The next Fair Godmother book be out? You have to do Beauty and the Beast in one…

    • You would think I would know the answer to those first two questions, but since the novella is part of an anthology (Echo Ridge #4) I turned it in the beginning of August and haven’t given it that much more thought. I’ll find out and announce on my blog. The last Fair Godmother book is sadly still not even in the queue. I need to finish Slayers, My Disney editor wants me to write several books for them, and I have a WWII romance that my agent keeps asking for and and won’t be able to stop studying WWII until I finish it. And studying WWII is really depressing, so I’m ready to be done with that even though I’ve only written 60 pages on it. So, alas, Chrissy won’t get into Fairy Godmother University any time soon.

  3. Cant wait for all of it! WE love your sons youtube over here. My kids and I think he is so funny! I dont think I knew you had another son. Way to go mom! Producing awesome kids and all 😉

    • I’m trying to get the last details in the first 250 pages done so I can send them to beta readers tonight. (Who needs sleep?) I’m planning to put those out as an ebook before I finish the last few scenes of the second half so it won’t take readers so long to get them. I’ll probably call that book Slayers: Dragon Lords or something and may put the books back together into one book when I finish with the second half. Note sure. I just want to get the next part out soon. When the beta readers get back to me with their comments, I’ll revise, get it copyedited and then put it up. I’m hoping that will be done within three months. Let me know if you want to be one of the beta readers and you’ll get to read the manuscript sooner–although it won’t be error free.

      • Sounds amazing! You’ve been working so hard and this is my favorite series so far! Could I be a beta reader? I can’t wait for the book to come out!

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