Slayers 5 New Year’s resolutions

First off, my file became corrupted (Who out there is corrupting vulnerable young files?) and I lost a week’s worth. And then I couldn’t work on the manuscript for a day because I felt so sick about losing a week’s worth. Could I have backed it up and saved myself all of this?  Do I usually back it up and never need the backup? Yeah–that’s why I was so upset.

Anyway, first draft should be done soon and then it will go out to beta readers.  But here is my resolutions regarding the book.

I will not paint any rooms, cabinets, or anything else in my house until I finish the first draft of this manuscript. Even though, trust me, it really needs it.

I will not organize any closets, despite the fact that I’ve seen two episodes of the Netflix series Tidying Up and have a sudden desire to go through them.

I will not watch any TV or Movies (unless I’m on the treadmill) until the manuscript is winging it’s way to the beta readers

I will not cook any meals that take more than 45 minutes to prepare until I’ve typed The End.

And I won’t clean my bathroom…or maybe that’s going too far…Any chance I could convince my husband that he needs to do it?

Maybe this whole not doing housework thing could work out for me…


Slayers 5 New Year’s resolutions — 6 Comments

  1. Haha! Very relatable. Also, I’ve really enjoyed the Tidying Up show too!

    I hope your rewrite comes easier than it did the first time, and I hope you had plenty of chocolate to nurse your wounded writer spirit. Nothing hurts worse than all that effort gone to waste. So sorry you had to go through that. 🙁

  2. Oh no!!! So so sorry about the lost files. I feel sick for you too! Good luck with getting the first draft done. And holler if you ever need more beta readers. 😉

  3. Oh no! That’s no way to start the new year! All that lost work! I’m sorry!

    I’m afraid to watch that show because I’m already having the “itch” to get rid of things. If I watch, will we be down to one utensil each and a chair? Watching Hoarders gives me the “get back to basics itch”.

    I hope things are a little more easy going now for you! Good luck!

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