Slayers three update

So, I’m supposed to be working on Slayers Three. And I will. Just as soon as I get off the internet. I don’t know why I’m having a hard time with it–but I partially blame it on my the-girl-who-hears-demons, no-I-don’t-have-a-real-title-for-it book. I’ve written nearly 50,000 words on it now (around 200 pages) And in the meantime Tori and Jesse haven’t even gotten through their first scene together.

But here’s what’s happening in the story:

I based Willow (Ryker’s cousin) on my middle daughter, who loved the first book of Slayers. She hasn’t read the second book yet, so I told her I’m killing off Willow. This presents a problem for the characters since Willow becomes vital in the climax of the story. But oh well.

I also told middle daughter that Tori wouldn’t end up with the guy she’s voting for. Yeah, I know–you never knew authors decided plot points this way, did you?

(This may change if middle daughter reads said book.She apparently has time since I’m writing really slowly.)

I just have one tiny thing to write on the demon book (so I don’t forget it) and then I’m back to flying superheroes. (Of course, writing one tiny thing is the way I reached 50,000 words on this book.)



Slayers three update — 28 Comments

  1. So…any hints for the guy? Haha, just kidding. (Sort of. No. Really. I just really want her to end up with one guy.)
    But I’m excited about the demon story too! I just love your books.

  2. My son says “Don’t kill Willow! That would be the worst idea ever!” If you do, he wants it to be a plot twist where she suddenly reappears just in time!

  3. I actually haven’t read slayers because it wasn’t at the library when I wanted it, but I’m really excited for the third fair godmother book! I was kind of wondering when it was coming out. ( though I doubt I’ll be able to read it for a while because the library is kind of lame about getting books. Everyone else only goes to use the computers.)

  4. First off, you’re like my most favorite author ever and second…ooooh a demon book? Can I have more details? Please please please.

    • It’s about a girl who occasionally hears demons–usually near other people and talking about their insecurities and stuff like that. She’s just moved to a new high school (trying to get a fresh start from her old high school where she was known as the demon girl) and she’s determined not to let anyone know her secret. Then some jocks from her high school come into the diner where she works and she hears demons talking about one of them–specifically about his upcoming death in an accident that night. She decides that no matter what he or anyone thinks about her, she has to do something to save his life.


      I hope so. (Did I mention the guy was hot? I guess that kinda goes without saying . . .)

      • Of course I am!! Demon books are my favorite and then I find out my favorite author is writing one?? With hot guys?? I could scream. Thank you so muchhhhhh. It’s like an early birthday present!!! (:

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