The book thieves book reviews–and a conference call

I’ve heard from more than one teacher that books frequently go missing from their classroom libraries. Personally, I think it’s a compliment. (This is because I’m not paying for the books.) Kids liked the novels so much that they resorted to a life of crime in order to possess them.

My daughter made a collage of all the books that went missing from her class last school year. I think she sent the picture out to parents to see if they had spotted any of the wayward books at their homes. I passed on a lot of books to her that I didn’t like so much, and yeah, none of those got stolen, which just proves that even thieves have taste.

I am very proud that two of my books were among those stolen!

And in other news, I’m going to do a conference call about writing romance next Wednesday, the 27th. I’ll post more info about that here when I get it.


The book thieves book reviews–and a conference call — 6 Comments

  1. well, even if stealing isn’t the best thing to do, be glad your books are good enough for people to want them so bad. (and normally when something gets stolen from school, it isn’t returned. most likely because the person really wants to keep the item.)

  2. Loved the collage and love most of the books! This reminded me of last year when my daughter happened to have the book “Uglies” from one of her classrooms when we went to see Scott Westerfeld speak at our library…and so we had it signed for her teacher! Perhaps these kids are just waiting for a chance to get the books signed before they return them! (It could happen) 🙂

  3. Yeah, a lot are on my to-read list too.

    And I did that with someone’s Shannon Hale book once. I was borrowing my TA’s neighbor’s book to use as an example in a point of vies class, and then I ran into Shannon and had her sign it. I’m sure that’s what all those kids are doing . . .

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