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For those of you who don’t stop by my website because I never have new content on it–guess what? I put on new content! (Okay, I didn’t; I paid someone else to do it for me, but still, it’s there.)
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I have a new link to the photo shoot I did for the cover of How To Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend. Really, I want your opinion. Do you like the covers I did or the one Putnam did best? Even if you don’t care anything about covers, you should still check out the pictures because they involve attractive people. Plus, I want everyone to see the picture of what I think Jessie should look like as opposed to what Putnam slapped on my book. Tell me, who makes a better hot cowboy?
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Vote on your favorite cover. — 10 Comments

  1. Janette you are too funny! You have a good camera to be getting those pics . . . are you going to refuse to hang out with me at the conference if I confess to liking the putnam one best? I like the mug concept all glued back together. I don’t necessarily like the girl in the picture even though you only see her lips but only because I think her lipstick makes her look odd. Other than that . . . I really love your cover one option, that would be next choice (it’s a close choice) but I DID love reading the whole interchange between you and your daughter. 🙂

  2. I like cover three the best. Janette, I have a question, why isn’t big blue eyes and other lies on your list of books? It is one of my favorites. P.S. anytime you need someone to snuggle with a hot guy, I will gladly sacrifice myself. It will be hard and you should be ever grateful, but I’m willing.

  3. Deep Blue Eyes and Other Lies (aka the great book with the bad cover) is out of print now. So it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to advertise a book that people can no longer buy. But if you like that one (and you should, because it really was a good book despite the cover) you should like All’s Fair in Love, War, and High School–it’s the sort of sequel. (Walker made me change all of the names so it isn’t a true sequel)

  4. really? All’s fair in love, war,a and highschool, is basically the sequel? I never noticed. It’s a good book. I’ve actually read all your books several times so feel free to point out any other fascinating tidbits. Like the conversation you said is lifted directly off of your daughters cell phone and put into It’s A Mall World After All.

  5. Oh wait, I just had a light bulb. Is Samantha based off of Elizabeth? woah, the mind numbing connections. And Elise and her big brother are…wow it all makes sense now. Cool.

  6. I liked the 4th cover the best. I think it’d attract a LOT of people. The 1st one’s nice too. They’re both SO much better than the cup one. That’s my opinion.

  7. Yep, my editor had me go through the book and change all of the names so it wouldn’t be a sequel– since he didn’t want a sequel to a book a different publisher had published. I forgot to change the dog’s name though. It’s Goliath in both books.

    The conversation lifted from my daughter’s cell phone is when Brianna confronts Bryant about the other girl.

    Sigh. I miss all of my daughter’s drama and cell phone conversations. . .

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