Which reality show should your favorite princess be on?

A lot of reality shows have a sort of train wreck appeal to them. It’s like a view into the underside of society.

But it occurred to me that it isn’t just the Maury Povich Show rejects who end up on these shows. In fact, some people that you know, love, and grew up with could qualify as candidates. The Little Mermaid: Sure, her voice could put her on American Idol, but she’s also got a dirty little secret that could land her on Hoarders.
Yeah, Ariel, your collection is more than complete.

Or how about Snow White? That frantic rush through the forest as she ran away from the Queen’s huntsman could have been an episode of ManTracker. Or maybe she could do a spin off of Kate Plus Eight.
Snow Plus Seven. It could work.

Here are some other likely pairings.

Aladdin: Cops
Sleeping Beauty: Mystery Diagnosis
Jasmine: The Bachelorette
Beauty: Mr. Personality (Okay, probably most of you never watched this TV show, but I actually liked the premise, even if those dorky masks did make all the guys look like super villains.)
So who are your pics for the best celebrity pairings with reality TV?


Which reality show should your favorite princess be on? — 18 Comments

  1. Mary Poppins: The Nanny (at least I think that’s what it’s name is, I only watched one or two partial episodes)

    Is this new book research 🙂 or just wonderings of a creative mind?

  2. I like to say that I am against reality tv shows, but I do watch Project Runway. And that Giselle from Enchanted could rock that show she can sew a dress from curtains in one night.

  3. So true! You all are brilliant–and yep, this pretty much just the wanderings of a creative mind . . . although it would make for an entertaining novel premise . . . I wonder if Disney would sue me.

  4. I thought it was awfully convenient that the girl on Mr. Personality ended up with the millionare. Coincidence? Did he really have money and personality? I guess it’s possible–he wasn’t the most handsome.

    Just finished My Double Life, had to take a moment for some cathartic cyber-stalking. When is your next book out? When??

  5. Oh my gosh, I’m sooooo excited for “My Unfair Godmother”.

    My Fair Godmother was the first Janette Rallison book I ever read.

  6. What great picks! I just don’t watch enough reality tv to know!

    And oh yay! I just saw in the comments you have “My Unfair Godmother” coming out. I loved “My Fair Godmother” . . . can’t wait!

  7. I love the idea of the Little Mermaid on Hoarders!!!
    If we’re thinking of other Disney characters, how about Mowgli from The Jungle Book on Survivor? Or Tarzan – he’d be great.

    I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. Disney would sue you.

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