Why books make the best presents

Books make great presents. And I’m not just saying that because the paperback version of My Fair Godmother came out yesterday.

Years ago my sister told me the secret to happy children on Christmas morning. You can’t just buy them stuff, you have to give them something to do after they’re done unwrapping things. If they’re bored, they’ll whine and think they didn’t get anything.

So this year I’m giving lots of books. Fiction, non-fiction, and comic books (Pearls Before Swine–my favorite is pig).

Today my middle daughter and her brother were arguing over the computer. “Let me have it today,” middle daughter said. “I won’t be using it at all on Christmas.”



Why books make the best presents — 12 Comments

  1. My husband thought I was nuts when I suggested going to B & N to get the kids some books. Glad I’m not the only one that loves giving books for Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of yours that we don’t already have. Time to go to Changing Hands:)

  2. Hi, Janette. I will definitely be giving some books this holiday season. Can I ask a small favor? Will you mention this website in one of your blog entries: http://www.savethemanatee.org/default.html
    It’s a site about “adopting” manatees, lest they become extinct. This cause is very important to me, so if you could just quickly post the link, perhaps, that would be great. Thank you.

  3. I received My Fair Godmother from my hubby on Christmas! I was so excited! It’s my favorite out of your books so far. That, and Just One Wish!:) My favorite gifts to receive are books, hands down.

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