Why You Shouldn’t Trust Contests . . .

You know how you’re always being urged to choose you’re favorite singer, dancer, whatever?

It’s a totally unreliable way to determine which item is best, because you just know that said singer, dancer, whoever, is begging all of their friends to vote for them.

Just like I’m going to ask all of you to go to:


and vote for Just One Wish in their best cover contest. (Hey, I made it to the finals without even voting for my own cover.) Of course, I would never ask you to vote for my cover if you didn’t think it was best, but I’ll point out that Just One Wish has sparkles in the dandelions. It sparkles. Sort of like an ultra hot vampire on a sunny day. Edward would choose my cover . . .


Why You Shouldn’t Trust Contests . . . — 17 Comments

  1. I voted for it in the semi-finals, will vote for the final, too. I loved this book, BTW. I gave it to myself for Christmas (with a “from the kids” tag attached) and read it in a day. Beautiful story! Amazing writing. Hope it wins!

  2. LOL – maybe SM should have asked for a sparkly vampire on the front of her book! I just love this book and will vote for sure!

  3. Not only would Edward vote for your cover, he would feel conflicted about his immense love for it. As if that weren’t enough, Jacob would defend it and speaks words of endearment to it in Quileute. More importantly, Jacob would take his shirt of for your cover.
    A cover that can do all that deserves to win!

  4. Good grief…I hate Twilight, but I am also kind of obsessed with it, so your sparkly dandelion comment made me LOL.

    Btw (I’ve posted a comment before anonymously), I had started out with “My Fair Godmother” because it was fantasy, and I loved it; then I moved on to “Just One Wish” because it had the word “genie” in the summary, and even though it wasn’t fantasy I also loved it. Then I looked you up on the Internet and was sad to find that you only have the one book that’s not realistic fiction. But after a while, since I NEEDED to read more of your fantastic writing, I started randomly checking out all your other books, and I found that they’re all really good, too. So congratulations! You are one of the handful of authors who has written non-fantasy books that I sincerely enjoyed! I’ve read all of them now except two, which I am putting on hold at my library even as I type; and the Sierra St. James books, which my library doesn’t have. 🙁 But anyway, thank you for writing!


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