Her Ex-Crush Bodyguard

Book cover for "Her Ex-Crush Bodyguard" by Janette Rallison

Someone is trying to kill her. It’s his job to make sure they don’t succeed.

As a news writer, Elliana Devereaux has made her share of enemies: Scam artists, drug dealers, self-proclaimed werewolves—the usual.

After an attempt on her life, Elliana’s parents hire a bodyguard to protect her. And not just any bodyguard. Nope. They hire her teenage crush, Mateo Alvarado. Handsome, tall, muscular, and way too cocky, Mateo.

He broke her heart once, so she’s determined to have nothing to do with him.

Avoiding Mateo becomes impossible when he shows up at her office threatening to cuff her if she doesn’t come with him.

Yeah, her coworkers totally won’t talk about that.

How long can Elliana keep Mateo at arm’s length when everything about her protector secretly draws her in?

If you like romantic suspense novels that also make you laugh, you’ll love this book! Snatch it up today!

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