Hey fellow YABL (young adult book lovers) it’s time for me to clear my closet of some of my stash of books. Yep, keeping copies of 19 book titles has made several rooms in my house look like an episode of hoarders.  Soooo in celebration of Erasing Time’s August 28th release date, I’ll be giving away one (well, two really) of my other book titles every day for the next two weeks or so. And for the most part, I’ll do it on both of my blogs. (Since I’ve become CJ Hill, I post under that name too. You can double your chances by leaving a comment at: http://www.cjhillbooks.blogspot.com/)

This is the third time I’ve done a book a day giveaway which means I’m pretty certain two things will happen.

1) At some point I will forget to pick winners for the day. I will feel horrible about this oversight, and yet will still be unable to go back and change time to remedy the situation. (Although Erasing Time is a time travel book, so maybe it will be different this time . . .)  So some days won’t have a winner posted and some day’s I’ll post two winners and an apology.

2) I will lose track of which winners have sent me their address and which haven’t–so be sure to check and see if you won something because I most likely won’t hunt you down.

I used to put up a schedule of what books I would giveaway on each day.  This time I’m not going to do that. It will just be whatever book I feel like giving away that day (My Fair Godmother; My Unfair Godmother; All’s Fair in Love, War and High School; My Double Life; Slayers; Fame, Glory and Other Things On My To Do List; How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend; It’s a Mall World After All; Revenge of the Cheerleaders: Life, Love, and Other Things On My To Do List; and I also have a signed Shannon Hale Austinland and a signed Angela Morris Taken by Storm that I will throw into the mix at some point. (Is it a sign of hoarding if you buy two copies of books you like? Not if you give them away on your blog, right?)

We’ll start with um . . . How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend

Leaving a comment will get you an entry, being a follower will get you another entry–and don’t worry peeps reading this on Goodreads. I count your comments into the mix too, and then ask Random.org to pick a winner.

Sixteen-year-old Giovanna Petrizzo finds it hard enough to fit in. Three years since her family moved to Texas, she’s still the newcomer compared to everyone around her. It doesn’t help matters when her twin brother, Dante, takes on the mayor’s son by running for class president. The least she could expect, though, would be for her boyfriend, Jesse, to support their cause. But Jesse’s apparent defection triggers Giovanna’s rash emotional side, and before she knows it, she’s turned Jesse from the boy of her dreams to the ex-boyfriend she dreams of winning back.
In her trademark style, Janette Rallison delivers a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that only leaves readers wanting more.

Good luck

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