Surviving 2020

Everyone is a little shaken up this year

I just realized that it’s been a long time since my last blog–and seeing that this is 2020 and I’m in the oldish demographic, some of you (Do people actually read blogs anymore?) may wonder if I’m still alive and writing.

Yes, yes I am.

I’m done with the first draft of the cowboy romance (and waiting for my writers’ group to finish theirs. You’ll love them all!) And I’m 200 pages into a medieval fantasy. So I’m back to researching vague things about the Middle Ages like how they danced. (No one is quite sure. Thanks, history scholars…)

And doing some other stuff that I can’t discuss because…contracts. So it just seems like I haven’t been working because nothing new has come out, but I really am.

I just don’t have anything to show for it except my messy desk.

One day I’ll have time to clean it off…



Surviving 2020 — 6 Comments

      • I’ve grown to hate going on social media lately, and I haven’t been calling or texting much for about as long, so I sometimes worry that people are worrying that I’m dead. Just not quite enough to actually post anywhere.

        I’m glad that you’re doing ok. I’ve thought about asking something on your last post a few times, probably about how the cowboy romance was going, but was never sure exactly what to say.

        • Just post: How’s your cowboy? on my Facebook posts and let people wonder.

          I need to revise it but right now I’m working on the medieval fantasy and waiting for my other friends to finish theirs. We’re hoping to release the whole cowboy series by Valentine’s Day.

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