My Fair Lacey

A modern retelling of My Fair Lady with a much hotter professor

Book cover for "My Fair Lacey" by Janette Rallison.

A hilarious modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady with a slow-burn romance.

Can a girl go from white trash to high class?

Lacey’s attempt to get a bank loan for her dream restaurant end up making her feel like she’s doomed to failure and poverty.

Enter Garrett Halifax, her roommate’s handsome and just a bit stuffy Harvard-educated brother.

When he offers to help Lacey clean up her appearance and speech to impress future bank managers, she jumps at the chance. With a little help, she’s sure she can transform herself.

Caterpillars make transformation seem way too easy.

Lacey makes mistake after mistake. And perhaps the biggest mistake is falling for sexy Garret.

You won’t want to miss this fun romantic comedy! (And yes, it’s Happily Ever After because that’s how My Fair Lady should have ended.)

Bonus Story

Jojo Halifax, Lacey’s roommate, finds herself as the prize in a bet between her brother and her on-again-off-again boyfriend. When her boyfriend loses the bet, she goes out on a blind date with her brother’s gorgeous friend, Wyatt.

He’s irresistible and charming and just might have been paid to make her forget about her ex. Is falling for his charm worth the risk?

If you loved My Fair Lady but didn’t love the fact that Professor Higgins was, you know, less than an ideal romantic hero, you’re going to be happy that you read this sweet laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!

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