Slayers by C.J. HillDragons exist. They’re ferocious. And they’re smart: Before they were killed off by slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant, so their offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let alone believe it – these “Slayers” are descended from the original knights, and are now a diverse group of teens that includes Tori, a smart but spoiled senator’s daughter who didn’t sign up to save the world.

The dragon eggs have fallen into the wrong hands. The Slayers must work together to stop the eggs from hatching. They will fight; they will fall in love. But will they survive?


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  1. Hey there! Your books look really great and I’m interested in reading them. I tried looking for some of them on my Kindle, but had no luck. Will you be making any of them into eBooks? 🙂


    – Kez

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  3. I shall support whichever you choose I just happen to like the Jesse/Tori pairing better but its not my story. I will end up making a fan-fiction if the story doesn’t end the way that I like but I’ll end up making a fan-fic anyways ’cause that just who I am. I don’t mean to say that I don’t like your writing if you take this offensively if you do so. in no way do I mean and disrespect you either,I respect you a writer. If I didn’t respect you than that would make me a pompous jerk writing a nasty comment.

  4. OMG! that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never read anything that was as good as Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. I read the book every where I could Can’t wait to read second one.

    Such a suspenseful book I L-O-V -E-D LOVED it. Totally freaked when Dirk kissed Tori. Also the way she killed the dragon awesome. Frankly the only way to explain Tori’s second extra-ability is that she could be a dragon lord.

  5. please have dirk come back hes like the best ever I love it when traiters actually end up betraying the enemy they were working for!! (if that made sense….) I seriously CANT WAIT I just finished one and two! HUGE FAN I hope I can meet you that would be awesome 😀

  6. Hi well i just finished the first book of slayers and i love it i already read in the comments that you havent star writting the third book so i wont ask that but i am curious how many books will be in this series?

  7. have you started writing slayers 3 yet….. if u did when is the release date for it and does tori end up with jesse.. PLEASE SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Have you started writing slayers 3 yet…..if you have do you know about when the release date is and does tori end up with dirk or Jesse ……PLEASE SAY JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I haven’t started writing it yet. I’m going through My Fair Godmother Three doing some editing before I send it off to beta readers. Then I’ll start writing Slayers sometime this month. Still haven’t decided who she ends up with, which isn’t a good way to start a novel.

  9. I’m a bit surprised about how many people are Jesse fans but to each their own, right? I’m team Dirk, if I had to pick.

  10. I’m a bit surprised about how many people are Jesse fans but to each their own, right? I’m team Dirk, if I had to pick. I can’t wait for the third book. Please, please start writing it.

  11. I have to say I have very much enjoyed the Slayers series. I just finished book 2. My 10 year old daughter is reading book 1. I’m hoping the 3rd book will be out sometime this year or early next. Do you have some way of letting us know when it is done so that I don’t always have to check back here every few months? Maybe a email sign up. Thank you!!

    • That’s a good idea. I’ll have to ask my web guy if there is some way to do a Slayers three alert. I’m assuming it will come out withing 6-9 months. But I have to, um, write it before I can be certain. Seriously, I’m plotting it right now.

  12. Have you written slayers 3 yet does Jesse end up with tori please say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Omg if there is a chance to make a Slayers moive dont do it unless it will be awesome and not mess with your books. Oh and what about Ryker there might be a chance huh could be a huge twist.Title idea Slayers (live life,kill dragons)

  14. Hey!!!!!! So I just wanted to say the your book slayer got me to read. No righter wants to here this but I could not stand reading. But when I read the first chapter of your book I just was in a hole new world so I filched it and I saw there was a second (friends and traitors) I read 50 pages yesterday day but to day had lost s of free tim I’ve read 250 today and not done yet. Your books have opened a new world for me and I thank u for it.

  15. Just finished slayers friends and traitors and slayers really sad but I read for at least 6 hour hours today. I love this serious so much please tell me there’s going to more then just three lol. And I loved the end really makes me want to find out what’s going to happen next.

    • Did you read Making of a Mentor? It’s a 30ish page prequel that you can read on for free. So if you count that, there’s sort of more than three. Right now I’m just planning on one more, but depending on how well the series does, an author never says never.

  16. I will have to say it was a great book…. I just read the first slayers… and I cannot wait to find the second one in the bookstore…I liked the character development in it.. and I liked the pace of it… when I read the book I just had to look at your website……

  17. Oh my gosh. when I read both of these books, i couldn’t put them down. Book number one: two days. Book two: three school nights. Seriously amazing. If only they were made in to movies………

  18. OMG i love the slayers books so much i hurts to think I cant read the third one yet. I am so on team dirk please let me know when the third is coming out.

      • From my point of view seeing Dirk on the cover of the second book…I’m going with Jesse!!!! but I like Dirks personality more!

        • I asked them to find different models for both Dirk and Tori. I said in book 1 Dirk looked like Dirk Benedict. Go google pictures of him from the 80s and(How many times do I say in the book that she has brown hair? The marketing dept thought blonde hair “popped” more on the cover.) Publishers never listen to the authors about the cover, though.

  19. Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I saw your books while browsing in a local bookstore, was intrigued bought them and once I started, I couldn’t put them down. I absolutely LOVED them! I’m just dying to know when SLAYERS 3 will be out?

  20. hello I read your book slayers and I loved it. You inspired me to try to write a book myself. I am currently working on my book and I was wandering if I could use some of the same ideas you put in slayers in my book. I won’t if you don’t wart me to but I just want to check. from: James.

  21. hi I read your book slayers and I loved it. You inspired me to try and write a book my self and I was wandering if I could use some of your ideas in my book.

    • James, I’m sure your ideas are even more awesome then my ideas. Those are the ones you should use. But hey, if you want to write about kids that fight dragons, go ahead. The world needs more dragon-fighting teenagers!

  22. I am in love with Slayers! It’s at the top of my list of favorite series and I’m so excited for the third book! Did you have any interest in having these become a book to movie adaption? I could really see it as a cool movie! (Not to mention I would die to play the part of Tori). Because hey, if Percy Jackson was turned into two movies, Slayers can top it!

  23. I’ve read the first two of the Slayers books, working on buying the prequel. really excited for the third to come out!

    • Yeah, I wonder about that too … I’ve written the beginning three times and I know I still haven’t gotten it right. Now that My Fairly Dangerous Godmother is done, I’ll be attempting Slayers 3 again soon. I’ll let everyone know how it progresses this time.

    • I’m on about page 60 of the first draft so it’s hard to say, but I am working on it. Once it’s finished, I’ll send it out to some writer friends for feedback and then I’ll rewrite it a bunch of times. I’m hoping it will come out before 2016. Stay tuned.

  24. Okay so I have read all of your Slayer Books twice now (the first and second) I love them….but there has got to be a third one coming out! The it ended…please write one or hurry and finish it!

  25. Just finished reading your second Slayers novel, and it was just as amazing as the first one! It was very refreshing to read a story in which dragons are actually malicious and terrifying, adhering more to the historical stereotype of man-eating beasts that are a danger to civilization. (At least the European version, which your dragons seem to resemble the most.) Now that I’ve exposed myself as a gigantic nerd, thank you for sharing your considerable talent with the world! I look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    • I’m writing it right now. I’m on about, oh page 230 and I feel like I’m about half way done. So I think it will be a long book. My goal is to have it out before 2016, so late 2015 sometime. I’m in the process of creating a newsletter link on my website that will let people know whenever I have a book come out, so check back in a week or so, and you’ll be able to sign up for the alert.

  26. I love your books! It would be cool if you made a movie. At least if it wasn’t ruined. Do you know when book 3 will be finished? I can’t wait because I finished both books in less than a week.

    • I’m on about page 300, and had to stop last week and this upcoming week to do edits on two different books. (The Girl Who Heard Demons–out this fall, and The Wrong Side of Magic–out next August) But then I’ll be back working on Slayers. I’d hoped I would be done with the first draft by now, or at least close, the book seems to get longer and longer instead. So, sorry about that.

  27. hi im just a really big fan and ilove your books and im just wondering if you figure out when the 3rd book will be out or at the least can you plz tellme what page your on i know that your 3rd book will be at least 460

    plz reply back soon

    • I’m on about page 300, and had to stop last week and this upcoming week to do edits on two different books. (The Girl Who Heard Demons–out this fall, and The Wrong Side of Magic–out next August) But then I’ll be back working on Slayers. I’d hoped I would be done with the first draft by now, or at least close, the book seems to get longer and longer instead. Yeah, I think it will probably be around 460 pages, so good guess.

  28. Hi I was wondering how far you’ve gotten on the 3rd Slayers book, i’ve read through all of the comments to get an estimate. Hopefully it comes out this year!!!!!

  29. I know you said that you are also working on other books, but do you think that you’ll be done by christmas because if so that would be a miracle for me. Also i don’t want to wait till 2016. I would rather have the book in 2015 and then the other one in 2016 if there ever gonna be an fourth one.
    P.S. Sorry if I am stressing you I am just so excited.

  30. Hi, i just wanted to say that i love your work! I was a creative writing student from Lavilla School of the Arts but i go to a college prep school for advanced studies now. I enjoy the way you piece your writing together, it has a nice flow to it. I know there’s been a lot of asking about the release date of the book, (i’m also wandering the same thing 🙂 but do you think you’ll end up writing a fourth book?

  31. I absolutely love Slayers! It’s one of my favorite book series. I love writing stories and scripts and the other day I got this idea. Slayers would be an awesome movie and since no production company has been smart enough to get the idea to create it, I’ve decided that I’m gonna get the ball rolling (with your permission of course). I’ve been going through the first book marking passages and stuff for the script. (I actually love filmmaking and I’m planning on doing that in college which is like next year). Anyways, this doesn’t have to be produced or anything, just like a fun pass time, but when I finish the script I would love to send it to you to see what you think! (I’ve never actually done a book to film adaption script, just my own ideas so this will be different haha) 🙂

    • If you want to be a script writer, I’m sure it will be great practice, and hey, if you know anyone with studio connections, send it over to them. I’d be happy to see it too, but as I don’t know much about screen writing, I wouldn’t be much of a critiquer. I would love to see the book as a movie, but I know dragons are expensive screen endeavors. But maybe one day I’ll see it happen.

  32. Not that you don’t hear enough about them already, but your Slayers books were incredible. I am very excited to read the third one. I saw your book brand new on the shelf in about 2011 and I have been waiting for more and more. The second book only added more agony in the waiting for more to the story. The characters are all very well developed, allowing me to feel attached to them. I do hate it when that area of writing is unexplored. I make anyone that I can read Slayers. So I have to ask as it is now January Fourth, 2016, 04:16, when can we expect the third book to drop? I am 100% supportive of whichever pairing you decide to go with and just need to see the magic back in action! Congratulations for creating something so amazing!!

    • After taking a month off to edit three of my other books, I started back on Slayers three today. I’m on page 520 and working towards the climax. I keep on saying a couple of more months unitil it’s done–although I’ve said that for the last six months, so yeah, even I don’t believe me any more.

    • I’ve decided to break the last book into two books, because it looks like one book would end up about 600 pages. My goal is to have the third book out in March and the fourth not long after.

  33. Thank you for the Slayer Series, I could not put the first 2 books down, I read them both in 3 days. I am looking forward to the conclusion of the series.

  34. HI! So far I think slayers has been my favorite book series of all time, no doubt about it! Just wanted to know when the third book will be coming out, no pressure because i wouldn’t want you rushing to publish it. Thanks for making amazing books!

    • Since the third book was becoming so long (over 600 pages) I split it up into two books. The first should be going out to beta readers today to get their input. The book will go to copyedits in March, and depending on how fast those go, the book will be out in April/May. The last book I’m hoping will also be out in 2016, but I’ve got more work to do on it (and a completely different book that’s due in June.)

  35. I love the slayers books. I’m a huge fan….and I have to of course add I’m a huge Dirk and Tori fan because I think they are so good for each other. I can’t wait for the third and fourth book. Hopefully dirks heart isnt the one that breaks….couldnt help adding that.

  36. I’m so pumped! Can’t wait for the third book to come out, just imagine all the possible conflicts that will emerge throughout the book. Then the infamous love triangle! C.J. Hill’s Slayers are astounding!

  37. is your book out and what is the title going to be for it

    ps i dont know which one to pick jesse or dirk they both are great and both had great relationships with tori

  38. So is the final draft of the first part of Slayers 3 finished? Just out of curiosity, due to your other project being due in June as well.

    • I’ll get it from the copy editor in a week or two, then I’ll need to go through her changes and probably make some more based on her suggestions. Then it will go through one more round of proof reading, and then it will be up. I was hoping it would be out in June but now it’s looking like July.

  39. I loved the slayers series and the way you developed each character in the third book, and introduced a couple more characters without making the story confusing.

    • I’m working on it right now and wondering if I should break it up into two books again. It’s at 500 pages and I still have a few scenes to add so maybe it would be better to break it up into two and get the next installment out sooner. That said, I still need to send it out to beta readers, get their feedback, change stuff, get a copyeditor, change stuff again, and then upload it. I may start putting chapters on my blog for impatient readers, so check back.

      • Janette!! How the heck can I become a beta reader?!!! Also thank you for an amazing series and you should totally keep the book as big as it is! But that is just my opinion. Thank you! Thank you! I cant wait for this to come out! But no pressure, I appreciate that you are still working on this series =D

  40. Like I’ve said before, I LOVE SLAYERS!!! So with that in mind… do you have any Slayer merchandise? If not, might I recommend selling some to your crazy fans like me?

    • All I can tell you is that I’m about to embark on a two week cruise where I will be working on the book, and doing very little else. I’ll have a better idea on November 10 as to its release date. (I’ve been working on screenplays for the last 7 months per my agent’s request, which is why it isn’t already done.)

      • Love the Slayer series! I buy the books and after reading them donate to the middle school library for the students to read. Finished book 4 in a day and felt the typical sleepy at work the next day due to late night reading. When is book 5 coming out? Thank you for the wonderful read.

        • I’m getting back comments from beta readers right now and I just finished some revisions on a screenplay so I’ll be working on it again. I’m guessing that the revisions will take 3 months (have a new grandbaby coming soon) and then it will probably be another month to get it copyedited.

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