Slayers: The Dragon Lords

Book four in the Slayers series.

Book cover for "Slayers: The Dragon Lords" by CJ Hill

A spy’s life is never safe.

Tori only wants to protect the country and her friends. She knew that sending Aaron to Overdrake to act as a mole would have its risks. Overdrake might find out the truth about Aaron’s intentions—or even worse, convince Aaron that his revolution is necessary.

If things go badly, it will all be Tori’s fault. And how will she be able to fix that sort of problem?

The rest of the Slayers are less than enthusiastic about Tori and Aaron’s decision. If Aaron switches sides, they’ll have to contend with three dragons during an attack—odds that will certainly doom them.

Tori, however, believes they can trust Aaron. Or at least hopes they can.

Hopes are such undependable things.

Trusting Dirk is another matter. He’s still convinced that if he shows Tori what dragons are truly like, he’ll trigger her dragon lord side. And he’s not wrong.

Tori knows that learning how to control dragons may be the key to saving people, but the more time she spends with them, the more she wants to save them, not kill them.

When the next face-off comes, choosing sides isn’t as easy as it used to be.

The Slayers series is a pulse-pounding, funny, romantic adventure that you won’t be able to put down.

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