Slayers: Playing with Fire

Book three in the Slayers series.

Book cover for "Slayers: Playing with Fire" by CJ Hill

Having superpowers is overrated.

It requires Tori to go to way more team practices than can comfortably fit into a normal teenager’s schedule. Being a dragon slayer has other drawbacks too—like fighting dragons and keeping one step ahead of power-hungry dragon lords, all without blowing her cover.

Tori Hampton is a presidential candidate’s daughter, which means she not only has a public reputation to maintain, she also has a humorless bodyguard to ditch every time she needs to go on a mission.

Jesse, the captain of the other Slayers team, is everything she wants, but then there’s Dirk, the dragon lord’s son—who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend. He’s determined to convince her that she should love dragons, and love him too. The fact that he and his father plan to overthrow the government?

Details not worth arguing about.

As the Slayers strike back, Tori finds herself caught in the precarious middle.

The Slayers series is an adventure with action, humor, and romance that will keep you turning pages. Binge the books today! (Seriously, sleep is overrated.)

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