Slayers 5 New Year’s resolutions

First off, my file became corrupted (Who out there is corrupting vulnerable young files?) and I lost a week’s worth. And then I couldn’t work on the manuscript for a day because I felt so sick about losing a week’s…

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Answering the question: When do you find time to write?

I just got this question from a new writer who noted that errands take up a lot of time that should be devoted to writing. She wrote: How do you manage your writing process (do you have set hours or…

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Back to real life-motivation and guilt

I’ve just been to the LDStorymakers Midwest conference. (Or as the hotel called us: LD Storymakers. I say that stands for Lonely Divas, although some suggested it actually meant Loves Dessert. Both work. You choose.) It’s always so fun to…

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Not dead yet…

I just realized it’s been over a month since I posted. Ugh! Since I’ve been busy working on screenplays for the last five months (and life… how does anyone ever get anything accomplished in the middle of doctors’ appointments and…

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Answering three questions about becoming a writer

Sometimes people email me for school assignments or other types of assignments where they need to learn about how to become an author. I just got one such request and thoughts I would post the three answers I gave an…

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Update on…everything

I had planned to finish Slayers before I did anything else. The story is so close to being done. Well, at least the rough draft is close. The finished, polished story is far from being done since revisions take months.…

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A New Release: My Fair Lacey & A Perfect Fit

I grew up watching My Fair Lady. Loved it. Still do. In fact, I can sing along with several of the songs. (My personal tradition is to sing the I’m Getting Married in the Morning song to anyone the night before their wedding.)…

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Which cover do you like best?

  Which cover do you like best? (I’m putting together the novellas My Fair Lady and A Perfect Fit)

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So you think you can write–the youtube show

I just realized I have never told you all about the youtube show one of my writers’ groups started. We critique first pages in a game show format. Here’s one in which I mess up, but it’s still my favorite.…

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Technology strikes again (I didn’t mean to blow off your email)

Just wanted to let you know that if you emailed me at the end of January or beginning of February, I received your email, but couldn’t respond. Every time I tried, I got a Mailer Daemon. (My tech guy assures…

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There are good people in the world

For the last three days, the world of kidlit has undergone scrutiny over sexual harassment allegations. It’s enough to make anyone despair about the state of humanity in general and the children’s publishing in specific. I feel for the victims and…

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FAQ about Slayers: The Dragon Lords (Yes, there is a fifth book)

Will there be a fifth book? I got an email last night from a lady telling me that the book didn’t seem to be complete. “So many issues were left unresolved,” she told me. “I thought you said this was…

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