The Dirk version is out! Can I get a Hallelujah

Click here to buy Slayers: Into the Firestorm, the Dirk version for 3.99 (Or read on Kindle unlimited) ***Both ebooks now have both versions in them, so you don’t have to buy both if you want to read both endings.…

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A word about the Dirk version

Now that I’m back from the Kanab Writer’s conference and galavanting around the Utah mountains (I got to see dinosaur tracks–so that was cool.) I’m working on the Dirk version again. But I want to warn people that it isn’t…

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The 35th reunion–there’s probably a disorder for this

I wrote this after walking around my old home town. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I’m putting it here for a bit. I have such odd feelings about my old hometown. Really, it’s one of the…

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Slayers: Into the Firestorm (Jesse version) is available

Guess what is now available? That’s right–the last book of the Slayers series! And I do mean the last. I know you all have heard that for the last two books, but this one really is the end. It is…

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A baby, a wedding, a broken laptop, and a project

Why isn’t Slayers 5 out yet, you ask? My oldest daughter had a new baby and I had to help her, my middle daughter got married and I had two wedding receptions to do, I dropped my laptop one too…

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Slayers 5 update

Remember how I told you I wouldn’t tackle any big projects until Slayers 5 was done?  I just want to show you the project I’m ignoring. This is my new desk I’ll put in my office, once that bedroom is…

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Go ahead and ask how revisions are going

I’m going through Darth Beta’s comments on my manuscript right now. And there are many. Oh so many. (I’m currently on page 70 out of 319) I thought I would give you an example of some of them. The bolded…

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Doll Wrecks: Yes, more reborn dolls!

As many of you know, I have a thing for dolls. I finally had to stop buying them because I ran out of room in my house. There are dolls perched on my closet shelf that look down on me…

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Slayers makes the list of Ten Sensational Fantasies for Young Adults

This was nice news to hear as I was finishing up book five. Check out the video they put together for the Slayers. Ah, right? 10 Sensational Fantasy Novels for Young Adults  

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When you realize that your villain is actually your main character

You know, Dirk was never even supposed to have a relationship with Tori. That just sort of spontaneously happened in the scene where they found out they were counterparts because I realized that a guy like Dirk would actually kiss…

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Slayers 5 New Year’s resolutions

First off, my file became corrupted (Who out there is corrupting vulnerable young files?) and I lost a week’s worth. And then I couldn’t work on the manuscript for a day because I felt so sick about losing a week’s…

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Answering the question: When do you find time to write?

I just got this question from a new writer who noted that errands take up a lot of time that should be devoted to writing. She wrote: How do you manage your writing process (do you have set hours or…

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